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Doritos is taking meaningful action in the push for real change

We’re a brand known for handing over our platform. There’s never been a community that needs a megaphone more than now. As part of our #AmplifyBlackVoices initiative, we gave our outdoor advertising, billboards and murals across the country to Black artists in the push to illustrate and elevate Black voices in the fight against racial injustice. In markets symbolic to the movement, including Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas and Houston, major platforms have been transformed to moving messages and inspiring call-to-actions by these artists.
In all, we’ve invested $1 million in resources, a start toward a long-term commitment to the community, and we’re working in partnership with the Black Lives Matter organization in the long-term push for change.

We’re humbled to help in any way possible. And we’re also proud to be part of an organization in PepsiCo that is committed to the cause, recently announcing a more than $400 million set of initiatives over five years to lift up Black communities and increase representation at PepsiCo. These initiatives address the need for systemic change, focusing on three pillars: People, Business and Communities. You can view the full pledge You can view the full pledge here.

Check out the final murals below and please check back here for more updates.

Thank you,
Team Doritos

Doritos stands with

Sylvia Pericles

Doritos stands with

Frank Morrison

Sylvia Pericles


Frank Morrison


Megan Lewis


Jay Coleman

Washington, D.C.

Lee Washington


Peyton Scott Russell


Tex Moton


Fabian Williams